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Rural Health Network Development Planning Program February 23rd.

Up to 20 rural public and nonprofit entities forming a consortium of three or more organizations will be awarded total funding of $2 million to assist in the planning and development of an integrated health care network at the local level. By emphasizing the role of networks, the program creates a platform for medical care providers, social service providers, and community organizations to coalesce key elements of a rural health care delivery system for the purpose of improving local capacity and coordination of care. Previous Network Planning grantees have focused on behavioral health, care coordination, infrastructure, health information technology, and health education. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Sara Afayee: SAfayee@hrsa.gov

Aetna's National and Regional Grants

Funding Uses:
The Aetna Foundation is dedicated to promoting wellness, health, and access to high-quality health care for everyone, while supporting the communities they serve. To improve the quality and delivery of health services to everyone, and to drive improved health status for the American public, the health care system must be repaired.

The Aetna Foundation seeks national and regional partners with the vision to make these goals a reality. They focus grant making on issues that improve health and the health care system in three areas: obesity - focuses on initiatives that create a better understanding of the root causes of the obesity epidemic; racial and ethnic health care equity - understanding connections between where people live and receive health care, and the quality and equity of the care they receive; and integrated health care - aims to repair a fractured health care system and eliminate gaps in shared information and communication that detract dramatically from patient safety and quality in health care.

Within the three program areas, they will award the following types of grants: Research: Grants that will generate new knowledge, making use of either quantitative or qualitative techniques; Projects: Grants that will investigate or disseminate new practices; or evaluate programs designed to improve health and health care; and Policy: Grants that analyze and promote policies to ensure that programs and practices to improve health and health care can be replicated and disseminated broadly.

The Foundation will consider national and regional proposals as follows: National: Generalizable across the nation; implications or results from the projects are not limited to one geographic area; having national impact and relevance; and Regional: Impact and relevance for a specific region, state or community.

General Eligibility Requirements:
501c3 nonprofit organizations having national impact and relevance or localized in a specific region, state or community: Arizona (Phoenix); California (Los Angeles); Connecticut (statewide); Florida (Miami); Georgia (Atlanta); Illinois (Chicago); Maryland (Baltimore and D.C. areas); New Jersey (statewide); New York (New York City); Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) and/or Texas (Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio).

Funding Available:
Up to $250,000

Deadlines & Proposal Information:
Full proposals will be accepted in quarterly cycles with submission closing dates of:

  • February 15
  • May 15
  • August 15
  • November 15

Applications received after midnight Eastern Time on the close date will be reviewed in the next cycle.

Proposals are accepted only through the Aetna Foundation's online system.

For guidelines and more information, visit the Aetna Foundation website.

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